Rock Era Magazine: Where’s Gladys by Where’s Gladys
“…the guitar solo with the thunderous drums behind it made me feel like Where’s Gladys have now got their own style and sound fingerprint that will someday be instantly recognizable to all the fans."

The Other Side Reviews: Where’s Gladys 2023
"Staying true to old-school rock sounds, there is a hint of gritty grunge melded with indie-rock and a powerful pop-rock flavour...Tapping into their inner Beatles, Where’s Gladys captures the intimacy and depth of Paul McCartney and John Lennon in their refreshing debut EP."

The Boston Globe: Inspiration strikes in some interesting places
"When the play finished, as we were leaving, there was a group of elderly women standing in front of us. One of them turned around and in a panic yelled, 'Where’s Gladys?!’…"  

Pretty White Blog: Where's Gladys EP
“Among all of the projects that we listen to daily, there is a very particular category that stands out. With their new EP, ”Where’s Gladys EP”, the band is part of the list, thanks to a wide range of rock styles and moods that leave you speechless...”

Illustrate Magazine: Exclusive Interview with Where's Gladys  
“Mixing elements of indie-rock and gritty garage-rock, Where’s Gladys’ self-titled EP comes out swinging...” 

Find No Enemy: Where's Gladys EP  
“The entire record feels gritty, but not in a rough way. There’s a sincerity, a nostalgic backdrop that gives each track its real character and purpose. It feels simultaneously like a 90s, 00s, 70s, and 20s record all at once...” 

Pretty White Blog: An Interview with Art Papas 
“…That period of time was so intense and emotionally powerful for both of us. At first, it was almost too much to process creatively. Neither of us could really focus on writing. But, after a few months passed, we started to find ways to express how we felt about that time in our lives. ”

Music for All: Where's Gladys Makes an Impact with A Powerful EP  
“The works begin with “Out Of Air”, a firecracker of hypnotic dimensions, where the furtive instrumental utters a precise dialogue in front of the concise vocals…"   

IGGY: Live a peaceful weekend listening to the original EP “Where’s Gladys”
“Lyrically, each song carries a touching story which is expressed magnificently by the rhythm of the voice and the catchy melody. There is a perfect balance between the songs which each bring unique sensations and harmonic progressions."   

Indie o'clock: Where's Gladys Revives Classic Rock in New EP
“…it's possible to feel the influence of the 60s, Beatles, the beats and the guitar have pauses that surprise the listeners, electrify and the song becomes versatile with these pauses and transitions between verse and chorus."