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Where's Gladys EP

Let's Go! The Where's Gladys EP is live on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever else you stream music! 

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The Other Side Reviews: Where’s Gladys 2023
"Staying true to old-school rock sounds, there is a hint of gritty grunge melded with indie-rock and a powerful pop-rock flavour...Tapping into their inner Beatles, Where’s Gladys captures the intimacy and depth of Paul McCartney and John Lennon in their refreshing debut EP."

Rock Era Magazine: Where’s Gladys by Where’s Gladys
“…the guitar solo with the thunderous drums behind it made me feel like Where’s Gladys have now got their own style and sound fingerprint that will someday be instantly recognizable to all the fans."

Find No Enemy: Where's Gladys EP  
“The entire record feels gritty, but not in a rough way. There’s a sincerity, a nostalgic backdrop that gives each track its real character and purpose. It feels simultaneously like a 90s, 00s, 70s, and 20s record all at once...” 

The Band

Where's Gladys’ new EP is the band’s debut release and features a wide range of rock styles and moods. It starts with drum-driven indie rock (“Out of Air”), moves to gritty garage rock (“World Stopped”), to a retro ballad (“Let That Set in”), to upbeat pop/rock (“So Insecure”), and finally closes with a soulful ballad (“Sleepwalk”) 

The Boston-based duo started in 2019.  Its members, Art Papas and Alex Reinart, have been appearing on stages for years in various groups around Boston. Art takes care of guitar and lead vocals. Alex handles drums and backing vocals. The two take turns on the keys and the bass, but admittedly, that is a bit tough to pull off live. Heavily influenced by rock from the 1960's all the way through today, the band's sound is driven by Art's guitar and Alex's unique style of drumming. 

Three years is a long time to produce a debut EP for sure. They could blame the pandemic, but in reality, it just took a very long time to “find Gladys” and assemble a group of songs that told the right story. Other than “World Stopped”, which was recorded at Dead Moon Audio in Somerville, MA, all the tracks were recorded in home studios and mixed and mastered by Matt Girard

Art Papas - Vocals & Guitar

Alex Reinart - Drums & Backing Vocals


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